Space age gospel & those before.

by Stephen Booth

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Stardate 24-34.2 First Officers log:
On a routine patrol flight in the Milky Way Galaxy, I discovered on our space-sensors an unidentified planet careening wildly in an eccentric solar orbit.
I ordered an immediate investigation and with much difficulty maneuvered our ship for a temporary orbit.
Upon beaming down to the planet's surface all I could see were ruins.
Ruins of some type of civilization...Crumbled buildings...Deserted streets...Charred vegetation...All covered with a thick layer of dust...Which our scanners indicated as intensely radioactive.
I proceeded to make a thorough survey of the area. According to my calculations I could tell that some recent phenomenon or holocaust had occurred and destroyed whatever advanced civilization had existed on the planet.
...I found no sign of life...As I made my way back to the ship I heard a sound...
It came from a cellar, in one of the nearby buildings... Carefully and slowly...I found my way to the source and discovered a human being or rather what once was a human being...
A scarred, disfigured man lying in the rubble... When I questioned him he told me this had once been a great world.
They had abundance and plenty...Intelligence... Beauty...Love.
There was enough for everyone who lived there but the inhabitants where never satisfied.
They wanted more...They wanted everything...and they started to quarrel amongst themselves...They could not live in peace ...and they tried to destroy each other...In doing this they destroyed everything...Their abundance...Their plenty...Their own intelligence...Their beauty...Their Love...
He told me that so far as he knew he was the only living thing left but that he knew he was dying when I asked him the name of the planet he replied...'We called it Earth'.

A visit to a sad planet. - Leonard Nimoy.


released August 1, 2011

Stephen Booth, 8/1/2011



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Stephen Booth. Baltimore, Maryland

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